Glebe Road Circa 1919

Peter R , 25 Feb 2020

I recently sold my family home I'd lived in for 29 years!! prior to deciding to list with Peter I had an agent approach me and I guess in the end promised the world but simply failed to deliver. Once that fiasco was over I went back to my original plan of listing with Saunderson Property and I think Peter and I both thought we'd go well in the current market. At the same time my neighbour had listed thier home for Auction.

In the end we sold for a price which was less than we thought, even Peter agreed. But there was a lot of homes on the market competing against us so it was game on as they say. The communication and feedback from Peter was spot on, we ended up selling for the same number as the home next door and that was renovated and mine wasn't. So in the big picture I thought I did pretty good.

Yes I have heard that selling can be stressful but I felt comfortable having Peter by my side, he took the stress away. If your looking for an honest up front and experienced agent who knows his stuff give him a call. I can honestly recommend him to anyone selling or renting! He does both extremely well. Thanks Peter

Peter R